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Website Showcase: Wendy Sand Eckel

Wendy Sand Eckel is an amazingly talented writer (who also happens to be my mother). She is the reason I decided to pursue digital marketing. She is also my OGP (original guinea pig) as far as website building is concerned. Her website has had many iterations over the past seven years, but it just keeps getting stronger. Don't be afraid of a thematic change every few years. As long as the basic structure remains the same, an updated theme keeps your site feeling fresh.

Wendy's website has a few really unique components, including a section dedicated to recipes. Some of the recipes are featured in her Rosalie Hart Mystery Series, and some she concocted right in her own beautiful kitchen. Word on the street is that she might be working on a cookbook... Sign me up! What is a unique section you can add to your website?

Another great part of her site is her Blog. She has written an advice column for fellow writers for years. Not only does her blog showcase her new pieces of writing, but it also helps others navigate the tricky business that is publishing. No matter what line of work you are in, though, it can be very help to have a blog. It's a great way to communicate with your online audience.

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